Tata is 24 and from Ruhango district. She lives with her husband, child and cousin. She is a businesswoman, but when she is at home Tata likes playing a lot with her baby and cooking. In her spare time, she likes watching TV. When she is unhappy, she listens to gospel music. She loves to travel, ideally to places with a lake.

“This pandemic changed my future goals and aspirations. I was in my final year. Now I would have completed and at least looking for a job especially since positions for what I studied are available. If I had planned that 2021 will begin when I have got a job that uses what I studied, I didn’t get it because I was unable to complete the studies. Another thing that was an inconvenience for me is that there was a time that reached and working became bad so I didn’t get money to continue studying online…It all changed and what was left went backwards. What I think can help me to reach my aspirations now is if I got a sponsor to help me financially because that is what is pulling me down.”