Laura Scanlon, TEGA Director, explains how we can better understand girls living in poverty through technology.

When it comes to understanding girls and attitudes to girls in hard to reach communities, conventional research methods have limitations. But TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors), a girl-operated mobile-enabled research tool that delivers rapid insight into girls’ lives, is changing that.

Laura Scanlon, TEGA Director, tells Emily Forbes, Founder of Seenit, how TEGA is helping to fill the girl data gap.

“An adolescent girl living in poverty is far more likely to open up to another girl just like her, who understands what it is like to grow up in that environment and faces the challenges that she’s facing,” Laura explains. “So we arm her with bespoke technology that we’ve designed just for girls… to collect really credible and authentic data.”

TEGA won Gold for Best Use of Customer Insight at the Campaign Tech Awards.