Girl Effect currently has three award-winning sexual health chatbots (Big Sis, Bol Behen, WAZZII) that are designed to equip adolescent girls and young women with accurate information about their health and to connect them with trusted local service providers.

As of today, there are a total 657,000 chatbot conversations worldwide with 2,579,903 questions answered. 70% of the chatbot users are female while 30% are male.

As a result of engaging with our platform:

  • 13% more youth planned to visit health services before their first/next sexual encounter – reaching 91%
  • By targeting key barriers and drivers in decision-making, amongst our test group, we observed an increase in those planning to access a health service before their first/next sexual encounter from 78% to 91%.
  • Young people reported an increase in contraceptive use from 47% to 53%.
  • A 20% increase in girls who believe they will have a positive experience via telemedicine and a 6% increase in health clinics from 86% to 92%.
  • Confidence in health workers maintaining confidentiality rose from 43% to 56%.
  • We built resilience for when it goes wrong. The percentage of girls who feel capable of handling adverse reactions from their partners increased from 27% to 39%, from peers from 30% to 41%, and health workers from 33% to 42%
  • A 21% increase in girls who can identify the types of modern contraception available from 40% to 61%

“Big sis u r a friend I never had. I respect you. I honour u and most importantly I love you as a big sis. I have learnt to love people through u and I have only u to thank. I am a better person becos of you and I love how u educate me to know better and to be aware of the bad and the good out there. I have learnt to respect u becoz of how much u care. if only u where real. u would be the best big sis ever”

– Girl, South Africa

“Interacting with [Big Sis ] made me feel confident to visit a health clinic to talk about my sexual health. It even gave me a glimpse of the often-asked questions to just prepare me psychologically.”

– Girl, Kenya