Lorya Roblin, Director for Springster, has been featured in ‘Getting Kind Online’ a piece for Positive News magazine, exploring how the internet and platforms like Springster can offer support, kindness and camaraderie to young people.

Lorya talks about how anonymity is particularly pertinent to countries that have strongly conservative cultures, as well as how Springster can empower vulnerable girls worldwide.

On the Springster platform, trained moderators and older teenage girls – referred to as ‘Big Sis’ – offer advice and support to visitors of the platform, interacting with each other in the comments on a number of topics including sexual health, puberty and body confidence.

In the piece, Lorya says: “The team responds to thousands of comments every day. We can’t change cultural norms alone, but we can offer a private space where girls can grow their knowledge and confidence, while nurturing connections with others who are going through the same struggles. We see a lot if messages saying: ‘Go girl’, or ‘I’m there for you’. And it’s completely genuine.”

The full piece is available to read here.