Nishi is a 20 year old TEGA, who lives in a rural village in Dhaka, Bangladesh with her two brothers, father and stepmother. Aside from being a TEGA, Nishi studies at a national university, has a part time job with BRAC, where she hand stitches items of clothing. Before the pandemic Nishi used to spend her days attending university and hanging out with friends, whilst volunteering for several community projects to spread important messages about child marriage and human trafficking, as well as tutoring local children.

“It has been seen that because of lockdown all educational institutions are closed now, parents think in that case what will the girls do by sitting at home. So they have arranged marriage of those girls. Such type of girls are getting married who are reading only in class 8 or 9. So what help they need, what will I say. I think guardians need to understand. Whatever they are doing, it’s not right. It has a bad impact, if the pandemic will end.”