Sheryl Sandberg supports Ni Nyampinga’s “Turamurika: Together we Shine” campaign by featuring in an interview for the magazine.


Girl journalist Nicole Isimbi’s interview with the Facebook COO featured in Ni Nyampingas 19th edition at the beginning of February this year. It was part of the Turamurika campaign, which highlights the importance of supporting girls and girls supporting each other – a belief strongly held by Sheryl Sandberg in her Lean In work.

In Rwanda, 6.6 million people aged 10 and above have heard of Ni Nyampinga and 78 per cent of girls aged 10-19 have tuned into the radio show, read the magazine, visited the mobile site or chatted through the club. As one girl said: “Ni Nyampinga has taught me that I can do anything a boy can do.” (Schoolgirl, 16-19.)

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Ni Nyampinga meets Facebook

Ni Nyampinga journalist Nicole meets Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Ni Nyampinga:

The first youth brand in Rwanda, Ni Nyampinga is made for girls, by girls. Positive, inspiring, educational and entertaining, it’s a multimedia editorial platform that spans magazine and radio, as well as a safe space programme and a mobile app.

Ni Nyampinga offers new skills and advice about education, sexual health and violence that girls cannot get elsewhere. By challenging perceptions and showcasing female role models, Ni Nyampinga agony aunt Baza Shangazi gives Rwandan girls advice on their everyday challenges.

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