Saziya is 20 years old and lives in a peri-urban area of Dhaka, Bangladesh with her parents, younger brother, and sister. Other than being a TEGA, Saziya goes to college and has a part time job tutoring a student. Before the pandemic, Saziya used to be busy attending college every day before spending time with her friends and cousin in the afternoon. Their daily routines revolved around going shopping, having coffee and fuchka (a local snack) before returning home to study. Saziya’s evenings would be spent watching TV and spending time on social media.

“I had such types of bad habits. So I was promised myself that I would get rid of them and starting 2020 with this promise. Obviously my studies was going on. Definitely I will study well and Honors Second Year will be completed. It was that. But ultimately it was seen that the bad habits I had to get rid of, I was more habituated with. When I was in lockdown I had passed all the days by sleeping. I had no work and I was inattentive to work… So I had to rectify all those in 2020 but I am more habituated with those bad habits. That’s it…”