A partnership between UNICEF and Ni Nyampinga aims to improve learning and school retention for girls and boys in Rwanda.

Girl Effect Rwanda and UNICEF have announced a year-long partnership which will advance learning for adolescent girls and boys in Rwanda by tackling gender barriers to education.

The partnership, worth US$102,000, is the first of its kind globally between the two organisations who will work together to promote adolescent empowerment through Girl Effect’s brand in Rwanda, Ni Nyampinga.

Content will be developed for the brand that supports UNICEF’s Gender, Adolescents and Learning Programme (GAL). GAL, launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), Rwanda Education Board (REB) and civil society organisations, aims to improve learning and school retention for girls and boys.

Ted Maly, UNICEF Rwanda Representative, said:

“To address some of the challenges adolescent girls face around gender norms, UNICEF has partnered with Girl Effect to promote gender equity and work towards ensuring that all girls are in school and learning,”

Ni Nyampinga is one of Rwanda’s most popular youth media brands, with around 3.5 million people reading or listening regularly. Find out more about Ni Nyampinga and the impact it’s having in Rwanda.