Girl Effect has made contributions to help spearhead a new report launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). The report, “Engaging Young People for Health and Sustainable Development”, highlights the need for transformative partnerships with young people, governments, business, and NGOs to achieve the Global Goals.

The report was produced along with Barbara Bulc and Rohit Ramchandani, and features Girl Effect programmes including TEGA, our peer-to-peer research platform, as a leading example of a project that ensures young people’s voices are heard in conversations about their health. TEGA trains and empowers girls to conduct interview research within their own communities. This unique approach means TEGAs can unlock insights into their peers’ lives that traditional research might not reveal, and these insights can help shape programmes that create real, targeted impact for their users.

The report by WHO seizes on an opportunity to make a difference to the health of the largest generation of young people in history: there are over 3 billion people under the age of 24, who represent an untapped powerhouse of human potential. WHO advises that innovative approaches to bridging the digital divide and getting young people involved, like TEGA, are the key to ensuring no one is left behind.

Following on from the report, WHO is developing its first ever youth strategy. Download their full report on Engaging young people for health and sustainable development.

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