Previously Girl Effect Mobile, Springster is a global digital brand made for and by girls.

Two years ago, in partnership with Facebook Free Basics, Girl Effect launched Girl Effect Mobile (GEM) – an online mobile-first platform designed to connect girls to each other and the relevant content, services, tips and advice they need to achieve their full potential. GEM was built to increase girls’ self-confidence and basic knowledge across health, education, financial security, voice and rights, and safety.

In the past year, GEM has been nominated for Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets at the GLOMO awards, and has become one of the top five best performing Facebook Free Basics sites. Currently live in more than 60 countries, reaching as many as 2.4 million people each month, GEM’s potential hasn’t yet been fully realised. This is why we’ve unveiled the evolution of GEM from a prototype platform to a global brand: Springster.

Springster is a first-of-its-kind mobile website for girls and by girls.

Girls told us they wanted to be part of something, as well as support and celebrate each other. We listened and responded with Springster, a brand that aims to build a community-focused identity and attitude, celebrating the diverse, inspirational and convention defying experiences of all girls.

By sharing girl stories from around the world, Springster helps girls build their confidence and find the value in themselves. We inspire, inform and give girls the creative tools to help them express themselves.

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