Nigerian daily newspaper This Day features Girl Effect’s innovative mobile platform, Girls Connect.

Girls Connect, a first-of-its-kind mobile innovation currently running in Nigeria, is featured in This Day, one of Nigeria’s flagship daily newspapers.

A unique partnership between Girl Effect and the iSON group, one of Africa’s largest IT companies, Girl Effect is a unique mobile platform that enables girls to explore and express their curiosities about growing up.

Ayodeji Rotinwa, writing for This Day, reports:

“Girls Connect, literally, allows [girls] to give voice to their concerns. It uses compelling stories on safety, relationships, money and social media, it is giving them advice and tools necessary to navigate growing up female in Northern Nigeria…

“Young teenage girls are calling to receive counsel, advice, feedback that may inspire them to set up a small business or start a conversation about a sensitive topic they otherwise wouldn’t have previously dared.”

This year, Girls Connect will expand to two states – Kano and Edo – and in two languages, Hausa and Pidgin.

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