Shiyona is 20 and lives with her parents and brother in Jaipur. Her father runs a shop, which has closed for lockdown and her mother is a housewife. She is in college as is her brother. She has tuition after college and also gives classes to others. Before lockdown she was very busy with various types of study. She helps her mother with cooking and when she gets time goes out with her friends, to the park or to play cricket. Before lockdown she enjoyed the movies and going to the mall.

“If we talk about our community and the people around us, it has been seen a lot that the girls did not get out of the house that much earlier and now it is restricted completely. So, many changes have come in the life. As I told earlier as well that people who used to work in the parlour and used to go for applying henna, the life of those people is quite disturbed and along with that, they depended on themselves only and used to go to work for themselves, but now all this work has stopped… If they could have been provided with any work that they can do just by sitting in their home and develop their skills, because they have worked only in one place and in boutique till now as in they saw only sewing and such type of work. If they can learn some work just by sitting at home and through that if they can increase their source of income. So, it would be helpful for them if we bring something like this.”