To be safe, healthy, educated and economically secure, girls need services and resources. But, even where these exist, girls often feel unable to use them because negative social norms, beliefs and attitudes prevent them from doing so.

A recent 4Girls Glocal Leadership report found that over 60% of girls and young women see themselves as the greatest contributor to creating change in their lives. Yet, in both economically rich and poor countries, only 30% feel they can voice their concerns and opinions regularly. And 46% of those surveyed think self-reflection – including self-value, purpose, and connecting with their inner strengths – was what helped them create positive changes in their lives.

‪We see a future – a new normal – where girls feel empowered to seek out the things they need, knowing the world will grant them.

The organisations we partner with, like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; PEPFAR, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief and UNICEF, provide girls with vital services and resources. Meanwhile our youth brands and mobile platforms ‪spark new conversations and reframe the potential of girls, in the hearts and minds of young people, their families, and whole communities.

‪Through our work a girl can start to express herself, value herself and build the relationships she needs. With the belief and support of those around her, she can then seek out the services and resources that our partners provide, from vaccination to education to economic opportunity.

Find out more about our partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance – increasing girls’ uptake of the life-saving HPV vaccine; PEPFAR, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief – challenging stereotypical gender roles to reduce girls’ vulnerability to HIV in Malawi; and UNICEF – tackling the barriers girls face in completing secondary education in Rwanda.

Launching our partnership

See how Girl Effect and Gavi are joining forces to protect adolescent girls from cervical cancer