Carol is a 23 year old living in Munger. She lives with her three brothers and sister in law. Her father died last year. She is financially self reliant, teaching part time in a school and her brother runs an internet cafe. Before lockdown Carol spent most of her time at the school followed by conducting her own tuition as she was preparing for her first year BA exams. Carol loves to watch movies, to look after her pot plants and read in her spare time.

“When the first lockdown was imposed, people thought that it was infectious and avoided contact with others. Social distancing was necessary but people had wrong belief that it spreads with the slightest touch. When someone had a cold, they believed that it has to be corona. They didn’t talk to such people…I felt this was wrong and felt the necessity to spread the message that corona is not untouchable although we need to maintain social distancing, but it doesn’t mean that a slight cough is corona…All these things made me strong and I learnt how to handle situations and I how to stay strong in every situation.”