Teta is 24 and from Huye district. She lives with her both parents, her sisters and brothers. She completed her university and she works as an assistant in an NGO called Ishimwe, she does different part-time jobs and she is also a makeup artist. She admires her mom who is her role model. In her free time, she read books, watching movies, cooking and shopping. She enjoys staying at home with her family. She hates someone who disturbs others, she likes to be in a quiet place. She likes peace and silence. She admires also doing advocacy for vulnerable people especially girls and women.

“The best thing that happened during this week was that I returned to work. It was reopened and I returned to my usual work. The hardest thing about this week was the 7 PM curfew. It is not easy to be home by 7 PM because at 6 PM you start thinking about going home and it’s better to be home by 6 PM. The way I dealt with this challenge is by avoiding long journeys because I might get caught up and not reach home on time. So I only make short trips to nearby locations and only if necessary, in order to prevent a situation where I might fail to get means back home or a place to spend the night depending on where I have gone. So I only make necessary trips and take them early and make sure I’m home by 4 PM. That’s how I do it.”