Nura is 22 and lives in Kano Nigeria with her mother and sister. She studied mathematics at university. She has a content business which she started 2 years ago for which she undertakes various activities on a freelance basis, such as photography, writing and content development. Nura has also just started podcasting. She is passionate about community development projects and one of her favourite places is a community hub where she likes to collaborate on projects. The pandemic has changed her life in that she needs to stay at home, so she can’t go out to do the work she used to do. She has been looking for some virtual jobs and has been submitting for writing competitions in her spare time.

“…the best thing that happened for me this week is me getting these freelance jobs I talked about earlier. Yeah, I think I feel so much happier, I feel much more empowered and I wish that girls like me can get jobs like that, or jobs that allow them to use the skills they know even during the time of pandemics like this, because not doing anything gets you feeling really low…”