Saziya is 20 years old and lives in a peri-urban area of Dhaka, Bangladesh with her parents, younger brother, and sister. Other than being a TEGA, Saziya goes to college and has a part time job tutoring a student. Before the pandemic, Saziya used to be busy attending college every day before spending time with her friends and cousin in the afternoon. Their daily routines revolved around going shopping, having coffee and fuchka (a local snack) before returning home to study. Saziya’s evenings would be spent watching TV and spending time on social media.

“If I could see to fulfill my target or goals every day, and gradually I try for it, that would give me inspiration. So everything was flexible, but many of them had no desire or interest to meet up their goals or target and I had to study to fulfill my desire. There is no such thing. Many of them can’t take any decision properly. They are involved in uncertain decisions.”