Nova is 22 and from Ruhango district. She lives with her parents, two sisters and one brother. She graduated from high school in computer science and then she continued her university studies in the Department of Journalism. In her free time, she likes to travel with her family and friends. She likes to support poor people and to provide advice to her friends. She is an avid consumer of history, documentaries and interviews of journalists. Her role model is her mom because she’s the one who encourages her to focus on what she wants.

“When I am wearing a face mask, I feel that the air I am breathing is staying inside the mask. The good thing about it is that if I wear my face mask while with other people and they are also wearing their own, we will all prevent the spread of COVID-19 through respiratory tracts among us. The hard thing is that when you continue to breath inside it, it causes you to burn up and that may cause pimples to some people.”