Teta is 24 and from Huye district. She lives with her both parents, her sisters and brothers. She completed her university and she works as an assistant in an NGO called Ishimwe, she does different part-time jobs and she is also a makeup artist. She admires her mom who is her role model. In her free time, she read books, watching movies, cooking and shopping. She enjoys staying at home with her family. She hates someone who disturbs others, she likes to be in a quiet place. She likes peace and silence. She admires also doing advocacy for vulnerable people especially girls and women.

“Thinking about what life was like for girls before the pandemic compared to now, there is something that changed especially for those I know. Some close examples of those in my community, most think that marriage is the solution for unemployment. They think that because of the Coronavirus, life has changed and they drop their goals. Many decided to find husbands and get married fast. That is what I think changed for the girls in my community. Many of them got ideas to get married even before they are the right age.”