Tata is 24 and from Ruhango district. She lives with her husband, child and cousin. She is a businesswoman, but when she is at home Tata likes playing a lot with her baby and cooking. In her spare time, she likes watching TV. When she is unhappy, she listens to gospel music. She loves to travel, ideally to places with a lake.

“What I know about the preventive measures of COVID-19 is: Firstly, wash your hands with clean water and soap, as much as possible or use hand sanitiser that kills viruses. Another thing is stay home and if you must leave going into a public place, wear a face mask and cover your mouth and nose properly. Another preventive measure was that some establishments were shut down such as bars and others. Additionally, it is better to pay fees digitally when in the marketplace. My two favourite COVID-19 pandemic preventive measures are; washing your hands because it helps prevent diseases caused by bad hygiene. As well as paying digitally. Honestly, before you might have moved with money and they might have stolen it from
you but now using digital payments it’s harder for them to steal from you.”