‘Sakwe’ will tackle relatable issues faced by girls and boys in Rwanda.

Ni Nyampinga, Girl Effect’s brand for social change that reframes what it means to be a girl in Rwanda, has launched a new weekly radio drama.

Written by former Ni Nyampinga girl journalists, the drama supplements its hugely popular radio talk show, magazine, and mobisite. It tells the story of 7 creative teenagers who, over the course of the series, overcome fears, explore friendships and find their voices.

The series shows the perspectives of both girls and boys, highlighting challenges that young Rwandans face and how to overcome them through the unifying power of friendship.

The name of the drama, Sakwe, is a term used in Rwandan culture when people are starting a conversation, with the expectation of being entertained through riddles or word play. It was given this name with the hope of opening up conversations with and among Girl Effect audiences, so they’re encouraged to actively think, discuss and connect with the storylines.

Sakwe is an exciting addition to Ni Nyampinga, allowing the youth brand to tackle more sensitive issues through fictional stories. Now 5 years old, 79% of the population of Rwanda are aware of Ni Nyampinga, and girls who regularly consume Ni Nyampinga are 60% more likely to have high levels of internal self-efficacy than girls who are not aware of the brand.

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