Shiyona is 20 and lives with her parents and brother in Jaipur. Her father runs a shop, which has closed for lockdown and her mother is a housewife. She is in college as is her brother. She has tuition after college and also gives classes to others. Before lockdown she was very busy with various types of study. She helps her mother with cooking and when she gets time goes out with her friends, to the park or to play cricket. Before lockdown she enjoyed the movies and going to the mall.

“If there is someone made in-charge in the community to tackle this COVID pandemic, I would like to inform him that I have read in the newspaper that there were tests that happened but not a single test is done in my area. So, on what grounds are they saying this much number of tests have been done and this much is positive and negative. I have seen that people are still not wearing the masks properly….He should be aware of the fact these things are happening too.”