International media, including The Guardian and BBC World Service, have championed Girl Effect’s work in Ethiopia.

Yegna, Girl Effect’s Ethiopian youth brand, encourages positive behaviour change for girls in Ethiopia by tackling real-life challenges through stories and music. Its positive impact on girls in Ethiopia has been covered by high-profile media outlets, including The Guardian, Stylist, Broadly, The Drum, and BBC World Service.

Positioning Girl Effect’s youth brand in Ethiopia as an important and innovative programme, media spoke with the team behind Yegna, as well as young Ethiopians who have been positively influenced by the programme.

Below are the highlights:

“Documentary film: ‘Never retreat’: all-female band Yegna bring girl power to Ethiopia.”

– The Guardian

“More than just a band, Yegna, which means “ours” in Amharic, use music and drama to raise awareness of child marriage, sexual harassment, violence and the importance of education. And it’s making a difference.”

– The Guardian

Five talented young women – Yegna are making waves through Africa.

– BBC News Africa

“Yegna’s impact on social issues and how society sees girls is measurable.”


“With its five relatable characters, Yegna’s soft interventionism speaks directly to girls through media, encouraging them to think critically about subjects such as child marriage, domestic violence and the importance of education.”

– The Drum

“The ‘Yegna Girls’ are role models for millions of girls. They stand for women’s rights and want to motivate girls to believe in themselves.”

 Kurier News

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