Teta is 24 and from Huye district. She lives with her both parents, her sisters and brothers. She completed her university and she works as an assistant in an NGO called Ishimwe, she does different part-time jobs and she is also a makeup artist. She admires her mom who is her role model. In her free time, she read books, watching movies, cooking and shopping. She enjoys staying at home with her family. She hates someone who disturbs others, she likes to be in a quiet place. She likes peace and silence. She admires also doing advocacy for vulnerable people especially girls and women.

“I believe some girls listen to information about COVID-19 that is false because people keep saying different things. Some people tell them that they will not return to school. Some of them listen to these rumours and since they are told that schools will not resume, they start getting involved in bad habits, and sometimes these lead to problems such as unplanned pregnancy. While others decide to drop out of school and look for jobs. My advice to them is that they should listen and only believe the news they get from the radio or on television and ignore anything else that they didn’t hear on the radio or on television.”