The Market Research Society’s Certificate in Digital Interviewing Skills has been awarded Best E-Learning/Online Education Initiative at this year’s Membership Excellence Awards

The qualification was developed for Girl Effect’s groundbreaking girl-led research solution TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors), a digital peer-to-peer research app used by some of the world’s leading development organisations to provide safer, faster, more authentic research around the world.

Awarded to TEGAs at the end of their training journey, the MRS Certificate in Digital Interviewing Skills is a globally recognised qualification that indicates a TEGA is qualified to conduct external research and has completed her training journey.

The training is led locally and specifically designed with adolescent girls in mind with assessments that encourage ongoing learning and development. This supports TEGAs in conducting interviews with girls, boys, adults and community leaders, revealing candid information to help understand issues and better inform programme and product design.

As an MRS accredited training centre, Girl Effect ensures all TEGAs have completed a full syllabus and adhere to set learning outcomes in order to achieve the certificate. In total 204 TEGAs have now been awarded the qualification.

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