Thomson Reuters has reported on the range of food taboos fuelling malnutrition among Indonesian girls, highlighting Girl Effect and Nutrition International’s new partnership to tackle the problem.

The piece, which has been syndicated by the Mail on Sunday and This Is Money, outlines several of the common myths surrounding food and nutrition in Indonesia.

It details how Girl Effect and Nutrition International will improve girls’ eating habits by empowering them with fun, nutrition-focused content on Springster, Girl Effect’s mobile community.

In the piece Kecia Bertermann, Girl Effect’s director for digital evidence and learning, explains that Indonesian girls are being left behind when it comes to nutrition.

‘They don’t understand why their health is important, nor how nutrition is connected to doing well at school, at work or for their futures.’

Marion Roche, specialist in adolescent health at Nutrition International, adds: ‘We need to give them the knowledge to make healthy choices.’

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