The programme will encourage positive conversations around issues affecting young Ethiopians.

Yegna, Girl Effect’s youth brand in Ethiopia, will be relaunching its radio talk show for young Ethiopians on 10 December 2017.

The new and improved radio show will include more interactivity with members of the public and bring to life debates and opinions around some complex issues that affect girls in Ethiopia – for example, open and honest conversations with parents or trusted adults, sexual violence, migration and negative accepted norms of masculinity.

Through real life stories of everyday heroes and interviews with famous guests, the new talk show will inspire audiences to reflect on these issues raised and encourage positive conversations.

At that same time, Yegna have also released a new music video for the song Endeswa – a celebration of Ethiopian girls and women in all their glory. The video features the Olympian runner and record holder, Tirunesh Dibaba, as well as one of the first Ethiopian feminists, Ye’kake Wordewot. Endeswa is all about inspiring young girls by championing Ethiopian women as leaders, role models and trailblazers.

You can watch the video here.