Girl Effect’s youth brand Zathu are delighted to pick up an award at the Nyasa Music Awards in Malawi.

Zathu won the award for Best Group based on their popularity in Malawi, with fans voting by text. The awards encompass all genres of Malawian music from traditional to soul and gospel. Music producers, video directors, radio and TV, music/video presenters are also honoured.

Nominations are made by industry professionals that form a ‘jury’ of radio presenters, club DJs and producers.

Zathu band member, Annetti, said:

“We weren’t expecting to win! We knew people liked Zathu and our music but we didn’t realise people supported us this much and believe in Zathu as much as we do. It’s very fulfilling to know that people take notice of the work we put in to making good music with a message, which isn’t easy to do. Our hard work as a team is paying off!

This is a great motivator for us because in only a year since Zathu launched we have won an award from our very first nomination. We have set the bar very high for ourselves, but it’s only up from here! Now we’re living proof of the message in Zathu, that we can do anything if we believe in ourselves and work as boys and girls together!”

Annetti: “It’s very fulfilling to know that people notice the work we put in to making good music with a message.”

Zathu were the only gender equal group to be nominated for the award. The other contenders were all urban artists, including Bossaro Music Group, Nyasa Gurus and Classmates.

Bringing together the best of local culture and creativity, Zathu is a unique youth brand that uses the power of music and storytelling to tackle challenging topics around growing up – from friendships between girls and boys, finding the confidence to express yourself, harmful stereotypes and sexual reproductive health. Zathu helps young people to be seen, to be heard, and to achieve.

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